BatAss&Co has been officially selected as Casting Services Provider by the amazing ball-jointed doll creator twigling.


This long-term agreement states that Batass&Co will reproduce her ARTIFEX KINDRED series, a collection of modular articulated sculptures (aka BJD or ball-jointed dolls) that reach 65-67 cm heigh and weigh over 2 Kg each.


All ARTIFEX KINDRED BJD are being produced to the highest quality standard, exclusively using SMOOTH-ON products.

From TASK3 polyurethane resin, to their UVO pigments and also SUN DEVIL additive; the latter two being UV resistant and slow colour change and oxydisation due to ultra-violet light exposure.

BatAss&Co pride ourselves on our professional work ethic and workshop installations, including a ventilated clean-room for casting and dedicated technicians that handle pigmentation and resin mixing, preparation, maintenance and cleaning of molds, drilling and detail polishing of cast pieces and secure packaging of components being shipped out.


We are dedicated problem solvers who will not give up until we, our clients and our clients' clients are satisfied!


All our clients' masters models and molds are handled with care and stored safely under lock and key. Our absolute confidence is assured and if desired your complete privacy and specific recipes can be maintained by mutually signing a non-disclosure agreement. We do not share details or industry-secretive information of our clients without prior written consent, neither in social networks nor with other artists and professionals.